Unit 7 - Equivalent Fractions

This unit will begin in mid February. The Equivalent Fractions topic is only a portion of the larger Fractions and Probability unit, which will go for about three weeks. I am really looking forward to teaching this unit!

Here are the skills and concepts we will be covering during this unit:

1. Students will understand that fractions can be represented with different numbers, and have the same value.
2. Students will understand that equivalent fractions are necessary for comparing fractions.
3. Students will be able to create a rule for generating equivalent fractions.
4. Students will be able to write an equivalent fraction for a given fraction.

Activities you can do at home:
  • Online Fraction Manipulatives - this website has several fraction manipulatives that can help you practice making and finding equivalents
  • Fraction Safari with your family!
    • Go around your home and take pictures of things that represent 1/2 (one-half). Try to find things that show equivalents of one half. For example, 6 out of 12 eggs are in your egg carton. Take pictures, upload them to your computer, and put them into a Word document, labeling the different fractions you found!
  • Printable Fraction Kits
  • Fraction Match Game

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