At Home Activities for the Social Studies Unit:Storypath: The Soup Company

What are we doing for Social Studies?
You child will participating in a three week social studies unit that will take the form of a simulation. He/she will be an employee of a local soup company. The company will face several challenges in trying to discover what kind of soup it should sell, taking into consideration its customers and the resources available to it. This unit will culminate with a "Grand Opening" of the company, where you will be invited to attend the event and try out or new soup!

Why are we doing this?
Since Washington state has so many unique and beautiful features, I wanted to focus on one aspect of it that I was particularly passionate about. Food. Fortunately, food is universal and people from all cultural backgrounds have a relationship with it. But with food being such a broad topic, I knew it was important for me try to stay focused on one particular feature of food. I decided that my unit would explore the uniqueness of living in this state, from the angle of sustainability. One of the many things that I appreciate about the Seattle area is the community’s dedication to supporting its local farmers. I have been going to my local Farmer’s market since my freshman year of college, and I have grown to understand the benefits of buying from local vendors.

As our world begins to demand more from the environment to support its needs, a movement towards sustainable practices has become widespread, particularly here in this area. With the rich natural resources we are blessed with here in the Pacific Northwest, I felt that my students would have the opportunity to learn to appreciate the work that our fellow community members put towards preserving our environment. Through this unit, I wish for my students to gain a sense of understanding about the long-term effects of our actions, as members of this community and this world.

Learning goals:
The questions we will explore throughout the unit is:
1. What makes Washington a unique place to live?
2. How do we take care of the place we live?

These will guide our learning:
1. Students will understand that people from different cultural backgrounds live in Washington, but that we are connected through the universality of the eating of soup.
2. Students will understand that the food we eat is reflective of what is available in the region where we live.
3. Students will understand that the actions we take today will affect the health and future existence of our community.
4. Students will be able to actively participate in group discussions/meetings, and work together to make decisions for the Soup Company.
5. Students will be able to gather information from a variety of sources to make informed decisions for the Soup Company.
6. Students will be able to find information about their target market and use it to inform their advertising strategy.
7. Students will be able to organize information to write for a particular purpose.
8. Students will appreciate the people in our state who work towards promoting a healthy future for our citizens and for our environment.

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